End of Year Update

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a mostly non-technical blog post. Some of you are aware of some of these things, some of you are not. I’ve posted an update as to part of what’s been going on in my Discord, you can find a link to the Discord on this site. My Discord is a fun place and not everything in there should be taken seriously outside of the tech-support channels.

So where’s the content, why no streams for a month?

I am currently job hunting, as a blind person this is incredibly stressful. It has been very defeating, I have been looking for a job and applying for jobs every day for the past six months. I have at least one interview a week for varrying positions, but so far nothing has come to fruition either due to my transportation issues, misleading listings, time wasting interviews, Multi Level Marketing Scams, etc.

This has been very mentally and emotionally draining, and while I do still freelance and fulfill those freelancing contracts, even that has started drying up due to being undercut by less experienced people.

I have a technical Blog Post and Video coming early next week about Single GPU Passthrough and what kind of work was involved in getting this to work. Since I did get that to work it has opened up a lot of other games for me to stream(on Windows unfortunately.) My intention going forward is to shoot for two blog posts a Month and one video. This is doable and I will hold myself to it. I will continue to maintain community servers, game servers, as well as offer tech support in my Discord, NixNest and Nixfits when pinged. I enjoy doing support and solving problems.

Plans to solve my vision issues

So far all I know is that I need to raise enough money to get another corneal topography done, This will likely be $400-500 and may include a Contact Lens Fitting. I will begin calling offices tomorrow. Once I have an idea for how much this is going to cost, I will launch a GoFundMe and be streaming at least once a week in hopes of covering the costs. Right now I am probably looking at a minimum of $10,000USD. This is no small amount and it could potentially end up being double that without decent insurance. The real goal here is to find a stable job with decent medical benefits, but this just absolutely cannot wait any longer, I ran into some brush walking my dogs this evening and poked my good eye. Luckily everything is alright but it got me into a panic for a scenario where it might not have been.

At the moment I have been out of work for all of December, and am waiting on some Bug Bounties to be verified. If you feel like pitching in before I launch my GoFundMe Campaign I will post donation links below. I appreciate everyone sticking around, and the 20 or so people that have shown up regularly when I do decide to stream. Supportive people in the FOSS community that looked into the costs of my vision expenses overseas for me, and of course the few people that are supporting me on Patreon as there is really nothing they get out of it other than enabling me to continue doing these things and tinker around.

Donation Links (Will Be Updated with GoFundMe Link next week as well.)



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I also have Coinbase Wallet: @hadet (please virtue signal elsewhere, I am a poor disabled man I’m not melting the planet)

Ethereum Address: 0xb863606d5B0528Cd9A2966656B305Fc081c2149C

USDC Address Must be ERC-20: 0xE959918f94d2fd9CA8C9e7d68286cf0e70FaE716

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Written on December 29, 2021