Where have I been? What's Going on?

Hello friends,

I have been gone for awhile, and I apologize for that. I have been busy and just hit a big creative slump and depression. I decided the best way to get back into wanting to make things is to start writing about things I have been working on, and interesting projects I’ve found.

I have been working on:

  • Setting up a Discord
  • Setting up Game Servers
  • Porting Software to PowerPC and RISC-V
  • Relearning C/C++ the RIGHT WAY
  • A series of lessons for people to get started using vim
  • Theming this blog so it’s not a total eyesore(gruvbox dark coming soon…)

This is the first of many blog posts. I will try to post at least 2 times a week. Don’t worry I’m going to get a decent vanity domain this week, I know the current URL is a mouthful.

Thanks for checking in.

Written on May 4, 2020